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First Impressions Training (FIT) “Manners FIT for a King”

FIT Image Consulting is Michigan’s Premier Image Consulting Business

“Building Polished Professionals for Successful Organization since 2001″

An organization with a reputation for developing its talent will be able to attract and retain the best talent.  If you have a culture where team members feel valued and know they will be given every opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential, you will have an engaged, highly satisfied workforce and a profitable bottom line.

Professional Business Etiquette-The Key to Success

With so many things to consider when sitting down for a business dinner, we thought it might be nice to put out a list.

  • Come to the table clean, and dressed respectfully
  • Sit up straight and show your confidence
  • No Cleavage.  No bare arms.  No t-shirts or pajamas
  • Talking with food in your mouth
  • Chewing with an open mouth
  • Slurping drinks/soup (unless in Asia)
  • Lifting your pinky finger when holding a drink
  • Keeping elbows on the table while eating
  • Don’t scrape your teeth on the silverware
  • Drinking before finishing the bite in your mouth
  • Placing personal objects on the table such as keys, cell phone, wallet, etc.
  • Leaning on the table with your chest
  • Using toothpicks
  • Placing toothpick on the table
  • Toothpicks are for on the way home
  • Spitting olive, cherry, etc. pits
  • Yawning without covering your mouth
  • Coughing without covering your mouth
  • Drinking from a bottle or can
  • Man sitting at the table with a hat on
  • Putting a hat on the table
  • Answering a cell phone
  • Not respecting the dress code
  • Using your napkin to remove the sweat from your forehead or neck
  • Brandishing or pointing cutlery at a person
  • Using your hand instead of the napkin to clean your mouth
  • Not waiting until everyone is served before you begin eating
  • Making noise with the cutlery and dishes
  • Remember, not to throw dinner rolls at the table please
  • Bending towards the plate, instead bring the morsels to your mouth
  • Breaking your bread one morsel at a time
  • Sitting with your hand behind your head
  • Eating with your elbows raised
  • Speaking loudly to people across the table
  • Pushing you dish away from you when you are finished eating
  • Signaling for the server to clear your dish before the rest of the table has completed their course
  • Using inappropriate language
  • Holding private side conversations at a table with others (particularly in a non-common language)
  • Texting
  • Don’t complain about anything
  • No fingers in the ear to scratch
  • No back scratching or hair scratching at the table
  • Leave other people’s food alone
  • One would hope that you would grow out of this, and onto eating with class.  Grazing the remains of people’s food (unless you are malnourished), is crass.  Not-forgetting, the microscopic organisms, bacteria, and saliva transferred through the food.  Did that person wash their hands after using the restroom?  Yikes!

At a dinner party Princess Anne spent the entire meal talking about horses with one of her dinner companions.  Her neighbor on the other side was ignored throughout the meal as Anne talked, until at last she turned to him to ask for the sugar.  The slighted man put two lumps of sugar on his open palm and held them out to her.

Bartlett’s Book of Anecdotes Clifton Fadiman, Andre Bernard

What additions would you like to add to the list?  first.impressionstraining@gmail.com











    Pattie McNiel

    Phone: (517) 918-9318

    Mailing Address:
    93 Agate Way, Williamston, MI 48895



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